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About Us

This Web site exists to share information about the Kimmins Foundation and about improving education for Children and Families in Tampa Florida, as well as in schools around the country, even around the world. Although the Kimmins Foundation works locally, we believe the dialogue about how to improve family education should be held broadly and include anyone with a desire to contribute. Your feedback is appreciated.


LINKS lead you where you need to go on the Web to research, discuss or discover the latest in education.

PROGRAMS provides a window into the work we do every day to improve the way our families and children learn.

FEEDBACK is your way to get in touch with us. Send us your ideas and thoughts and we'll get right back to you.

VOLUNTEERING explains how you can help the Kimmins Foundation better educate our Families. Whether by volunteering, reading with your child, or helping us stock a library, your support will change children's lives.