1502 2nd Ave. • Tampa, FL


Since 1998, the Kimmins Foundation has been bringing innovation and private support to the City of Tampa and supporting its public schools. We direct resources straight to where they are needed most--to children in the classroom. We have celebrated many successes: our new and smaller school is just one example scattered throughout the City, libraries refurbished and stocked with books, first graders searching the Internet and much more.

As our success has grown, so has our reach: three of our programs--1,2,3,--have been adopted by cities large and small across the country. The Kimmins Foundation school are being looked to as models for creating smaller, safer and more academically rigorous public schools as communities nationwide look for better choices in public & private school education.

Please help The Kimmins Foundation spread this success. If you wish to contribute, please print out this page, complete the form, and mail to:

The Kimmins Terrier Foundation
1502 2nd Avenue (Ybor City)
Tampa, FL. 33605

If you have any questions about how you might contribute, please contact our development office or call 813.248.3878.