1502 2nd Ave. • Tampa, FL

Message From Our Chairman

The Kimmins Foundation was founded by my wife Marie and me, Fran Williams, in partnership with the Kimmins Corporation.  It was incorporated as a 501 (c3) and has been given Tax Free Status by the Federal Government.  The Foundation's primary mission is to be a catalyst for neighborhood improvement.

The Kimmins Neighborhood includes areas with the highest crime and unemployment in our community, (zip codes 33602 & 33605), as well as a large percentage of families needing assistance from our social services network.  We have approximately 3500 families, with 1300 children under 6 years old. 

Our Mission:

  1. Place all or our children under 6 years old in early Childhood Education Programs of the highest quality.
  2. Have a zero unemployment rate in our neighborhood.
One vehicle we have elected to use to help us accomplish our mission is the Kimmins Family Learning Center Educational Concept.  The Family Learning Center is a combination of several successful programs our school system has been using for some time, along win innovation from the business community  Our concept addresses the whole family with he primary goal of making the family stronger through education and employment.

The first step in the process is a comprehensive census of the neighborhood.  We are identifying all potential mothers among our 3500 families, and starting our educational process prior to conception getting them the physical and emotional support they will need to be strong and competent parents.  After the birth of our neighbor's child, we will supply the highest quality Early Childhood Education available in our country to these new members of our community.  These children, through our learning centers, will all receive physical and emotional assessments and treatment from conception through entering the Hillsborough County School System.

The mothers and fathers of these children will bring them to school and stay and receive formal educational instructions leading to their GED.  We also offer ESOL instructions and vocational training in several languages.  But the most important educational courses we offer are those that make the family stronger.  Courses on building children and mothers' self esteem, instruction on dispute resolution techniques, as well as relationship building between parent and child, parent and parent, and family and community.  Our mission is helping people access the American Dream.

We are not trying to prepare parent our children in our neighborhood for low paying jobs.  Strong neighborhoods and strong families are not built on minimum wage jobs.  Our focus is to take typical parents, many with English as a second language, and prepare them for employment that pays a minimum of $20,000 per year plus health insurance.

Our programs are designed around specific job classifications, and focus on the distinctive competencies of our neighbors.  Through vocational program design, and partnering with operating businesses in our neighborhood, we will accomplish our goal of zero unemployment in the part of the City of Tampa that is the Foundations' home.