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Programs: Family Literacy

Kimmins Family Learning Center is a community based Even Start family literacy program. The Kimmins Foundation, Hillsborough County Public Schools, and a federal Even Start grant support the program. The program is located in Tampa's inner-city community, which holds the highest rate of unemployment, crime, and teen pregnancy than any other Tampa community.

The program follows the National Center for Family Literacy - Kenan model which is comprehensive, holistic, and family focused in its approach to empower families. The program operates twelve months a year and delivers intensity of services. Low-income at-risk families are the population served. Parents who need to complete their education or to become English proficient attend the adult education program bringing their children to school with them. Their children who are between the ages of six months to five years participate in a developmental program to establish school readiness skills. Parents attend parenting classes, parent support group, and participate in parent and children together literacy activities. Literacy is transmitted into the home through monthly home literacy activities, which involve the whole family. To support families in becoming self-sufficient, personal growth classes, workforce development training, and career counseling are a major program focus.

In summary, the family literacy program works to develop the potential of families . . . parents and children . . .to transition families out of poverty, dependency, and the "dead-end" working poor class. Family literacy programs can be described as effective welfare reform program.

Family Learning Center
1502 2nd Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605
(813) 247-1161
Contact Person: June A. Serralles

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